drum asphalt mixing plant

drum asphalt mixing plant of Introduction

1.Four-wheel friction drive, with smooth transmission,low noise and long service life.

2.The drive reducer adopts hard tooth surface reductor, with large load capacity and impact resistance.

3.The specially designed “butterfly” elastic connection plate will be more uniformly forced after the drum heated expansion.It completely solved the elastic plate heat cracking problem.

4.The roller and roller carrier shaft using high quality alloy steel forging with long service life.

5.The external drum using high quality thermal insulation material plus stainless steel mask packaging,with favorable heat preservation performance and neat and beautiful appearance.

6.The drum body using heat boiler plate.

7.The internal blade also uses boiler plate and connects with bolt, with long service life and fast and convenient replacement.

8.The dry drum heat the aggregate to a certain temperature through counterflow heating(the control system would adjust the flame of burner automatically), as the drum moved, aggregate in the drum were repeatedly elevate and fall down by the plate, formed aggregate curtain which enhanced heat exchange effect.

drum asphalt mixing plant of Details

Parameter of asphalt plant drying drum

Driving Type : Friction Type Driving ; Motor + Gearbox

Insulation Material : Rock Wool

Insulation Layer : 50-100 mm

Cold Feed Temperature : 150°C-180°C

Temperature Control : Infrared Sensor

Rotation Speed: 9-11 RPM

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