LB series asphalt batching plant

drum asphalt mixing plant of Introduction

The asphalt mixing plant is a product developed by our company using foreign asphalt mixing plant technology combined with China’s national conditions. Its main performance reaches the level of similar products abroad, and it is a device with high performance price ratio. It is suitable for the production of the asphalt concrete surface layer and the material at the bottom of the high grade road and municipal road. The equipment is stirred by forced and intermittent feeding. All kinds of sand stone, powder and asphalt are weighed by electronic scale, and the computer control is controlled by industrial control. The operation is simple and the work is reliable.

drum asphalt mixing plant of Details

1.Drying System

The scientific design is efficient and energy-saving

Simulation and optimization of material curtain design can ensure thermal efficiency up to 90% with unique on-line intelligent detection function, allowing the roller to realize high heat exchange while saving fuel.

2.Combustion System

First-class burners are easy to use and environmentally friendly

NZGOB burner, new generations of axial-flow oil/gas burner led by NFLG and jointly developed by China and Europe, can not only adjust the ratio of variable frequency air to oil but also have low noise and are more energy – saving, environment-friendly and safe.

3.Dust Collection System

All-around environmental protection, stable quality, and high efficiency

Using an intelligent system to control the ash removal frequency and stepping rotary reverse blowing method. Using NOMEX filter bags with an effective operation area of up to 98% to meet European standard emissions (< 20mg/Nm³). Ensure the stability of negative pressure in the roller; meet the requirements of environmental protection.

4.Screening System

Low warehouse mixing rate, maintenance-free and easy operation

Digital simulation, dynamic simulation, ensures the warehouse mixing ratio is less than 5%. The energy-saving vibrator can be driven directly, with high transmission efficiency and no maintenance. Mesh tension can be identified for easy operation.

5.Measuring System

Patents are more stable and accurate

The weighing mechanism with a strong self-adapting ability is equipped with the unique two-door coarse and fine-scale patent combination and secondary tracking measurement for accurate measuring. Bring you a more accurate “oil – stone ratio” to ensure the quality of finished products.

6.Mixing System

High efficiency, energy saving, stable and wear resistance

The material mixing mode was optimized by simulation; materials in each mixer are homogeneously mixed to increase the mixing efficiency by 25% while reducing energy consumption by 20%. The mixing arm is precision cast with high-strength wear-resistant alloy steel, using the most advanced heat treatment method at present and additionally adding wear-resistant trace element coating, and is perfectly combined with high-wear-resistant blades from AB BRUZAHOLMS BRUK of Sweden.

20 years of research and development experience in wear-resistant technology makes the equipment more durable, the mixing more uniform and the quality of finished products more reliable.

7.Conveying System

The optimized design is smooth and reliable

The use of scraper conveyor and plate elevator can avoid the problems of elongation and deformation of parts and skid during the conveying process so that the line can be unblocked all the way.

8.Intelligent Control System

Multiple securities without downtime, cloud monitoring is more convenient

Equipped with self-developed dual computer synchronous production management and control system and drying roller fault warning patent, it has multiple securities without downtime. The unique real-time burner instantaneous flow and oil consumption display technology and cloud data real-time update function enable the burner to perform accurate remote service. The more intimate control system makes your operation simpler and more convenient.

Model LB1500 LB2000 LB3000 LB4000 LB5000
Rated output 120t/h 160t/h 240t/h 320t/h 400t/h
Number of cold material hoppers 4×9 m³ 5×20 m³ 5×20 m³ 6×20 m³ 6×20 m³
Number of screen layesrs 4 layes 5 layes 5 layes 6 layes 6 layes
Capacity of mixer 1500kg 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg 5000kg
Capactiy of finished product silo 90t 150t 250t 250t 250t
Standard footprint 28mx47m 35mx50m 42mx56m 46mx58m 56mx59m
Standard power installed 372kW 453kW 650kW 782kW 949kW

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